Thursday, 5 December 2013

Speed limitations for motor vehicles in Texas

Set by each state or territory, in the United States, speed limits are posted in rise of five miles per hour. Having a separate speed limitation and federal highway system, Texas is the only state that doesn’t set different speed limitations to any kind of road in its highway systems. Generally, Texas law prescribes a speed limitation of 113 kilometers per hour (70miles/hour) for rural areas -whether it is two or four lane road, Freeway road the speed limit is 60 miles per hour and on a street it is fixed at 30 miles per hour.
Depending upon the location and inclement weather, congestion, road construction, or any other circumstance that affects the movement and safety of traffic on a roadway, Texas speed limitations will be set.

Texas night time speed limits

Texas law specifies various limitations depending upon weather. It’s totally controlled by state and federal government. In day time and night time the speed limit will be changed. The Texas highway system sets the night time speed limits; 105 kilometers per hours for all types of roads.

Fine for crossing speed limitations

The most important issue in driving is speed driving and drunken drive, in view of the fact that these two issues creating problem for public, Texas government has set some speed limits. The transport code for Texas is § 545.352 law for various types of roads. Texas law defines certain speed limit for inside and outside the in order to protect traffic rights. In case of violation, there will be an amount of fine which the lawbreaker should be paying- speeding ticket. It is totally controlled by municipality of Texas. They determine the over speed limits and total fines and cost.

MPH over the Speed Limit Total Fine and Cost
1 – 12 $160.00
13 – 18 $170.00
19 – 24 $180.00
25 – 30 $240.00
31 – 36 $303.00

Drunken Drive:

The other issue is drunken drive it is also known has Driving while intoxicated (DWI). The state of Texas banned the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) 0.08 percent for drivers for motor vehicles. BAC level is determined whether you are too intoxicated to drive a motor vehicle or not. This BAC range is used for all over the country. The Texas DWI law is not only for drunken driving, it is also used for illegal to drive while under the influence of prohibited substances. The age wise Texas BAC limit is 20 years old or older is 0.08%, commercial drivers: 0.04%, and younger than 21 years old: any detectable amount.

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