Wednesday, 30 January 2013

pros and cons of manual transmission

  • Fuel economy – energy is not wasted as much compare to Automatic Transmission.
  • Gives High and better performance
  • Gear shifting and Downshifting can be easily done.
  • Direct link between the engine and wheels are other advanced advantage of a manual transmission.
  • Regulate the speed of the car wheels.
  • Engine has limited range and produces more power.
  • Constant press and depress of clutch
  • Can’t start or stop immediately
  • Not perfect for urban driving.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Deluxe Bus Facilities for disabled passenger

Deluxe Bus has some extensive disabled passenger facilities which are very useful to the disable traveler. US Bus Companies designed with special priority seats that are located behind and across from the driver. These seats allocated also for elder passenger. Deluxe bus allows wheel chair in respect of the demand of passenger and also it provides the assistance. The request should be made before two days of travelling to make the essential preparations to offer the demanded assistance.
If the seats are occupied, driver may ask the seated passenger to move to other seats in order to allocate these seats for disabled special riders. Deluxe buses will give you the assurance that disabled people can get on and off buses in safely and without unreasonable difficulties.
Deluxe Buses provides following facilities to the disabled travelers
  • Space for keeping wheeling chairs
  • Priority seats are allocated
  • Special Assistance provided 
Washington deluxe bus service provides deluxe buses with all these above facilities -

Friday, 18 January 2013

Signs indicating clutch replacement

Many people who own car unknowingly neglects something that let them to spend thousands of dollars. Like other parts in a car clutch also undergoes wear and tear. Understanding the signs that indicate clutch problems earlier will save your pocket as well as your car. Here are the signs that indicate that your clutch needs replacement:

  1. Crunching noise when changing gears
  2. Vibrating or chattering clutch
  3. Burning Smell or Smoke
  4. Slipping out of Gear
  5. Clutch Sticking