Monday 31 December 2012

How often transmission fluid change should be done?

Classified under the category most prized possessions any car owner would take necessary steps to make his car look brand new even after years of usage. But, this theme should be applied internally in order to make its working condition good as well. A periodical check-up and servicing is a must for the smooth condition of the car. For that smooth running, a regular transmission check-up is a must and fluid change is yet another important thing that has to be done periodically.

Revamping manual and automatic transmissions is not as trouble-free as it appears to be. There are more than a few key aspects that need to be kept in mind when repairing the manual or automatic transmissions.  In addition, the fluid change has to be done regularly.

Transmission fluid change is one such significant processing that lends a hand in smooth functioning of the car. Being a car owner one has to take necessary steps to get the transmission flush service done in the right time i.e. at least six or eight month’s once is highly advisable and it will definitely ensure that your auto or truck is thoroughly taken care of. A complete inspection is the legitimate first step. To perk up the efficiency and longevity of a car’s transmission it is highly recommended to get it started with flushing; replacing the old oil in your car will also help to a great extent. In either case, it gets done with the right parameter. But the thing is how often it should be done?

For best performance of your transmission it is good to change your transmission fluid every 20,000 miles and the most important thing is that it should be done in the hands of a professional for the reason that there can also be some other issues and not every time the problem will be associated with transmission fluid. A professional would do a complete analysis and find out the exact problem that the car is facing and get it cleared in some time.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Maintain Transmission Flush – Self-help

It’s important to preserve your car as it is consider as the most valuable properties used in our day to day activities.  The transmission system of your car must be serviced once in a month and it should be properly maintained to prevent the car problems. If it is not retained, you will face some problems that lead to change your new transmission system.  It’s easy to flush your transmission by yourself with transmission flush machine.

Get the car for a drive, and go on driving until the car gets to normal operating temperature.

First, jack the front end up of the car using jack stand and try to remove the transmission plug.
Drain the fluid from the transmission and reinstall it.

Find the transmission cooler line which is connected to the radiator. Commonly you can see these connections at the bottom of the radiator, remove the connections and place it in 5 gallon bucket under it.

Crank up the transmission so that the fluid comes out and falls in the placed bucket. Stop the car after the fluid comes out. Reinstall the connection to the radiator. Add fluid slowly into the transmission with the funnel. After you full fill the fluid upto three quantities then again strat crank the car and keep the engine at rest. Take the jack stands and go for another drive. Check everything for leaks.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Importance of Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission also known as automatic gearbox is one type of motor vehicle transmission that can mechanically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, releasing the driver from having to shift gears physically. A defined set of gear ranges is had with some automatic transmission, often with a parking pawl feature that locks the output shaft of the transmission.

There is not much difference between an automatic transmission and a standard one if you have still driven a car with an automatic transmission, then you can make out that there are two big differences between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission: As it with automatic transmission car there is no clutch pedal and gear shift.  Once you put the transmission into drive, everything else is automatic.

When it comes to automatic transmissions it has the necessity of having their fluid replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles to evade damaging the system. This type of transmission generates heat while it is in use, so the fluid humiliates over time. The transmission has to be changed immediately if it is characterized by a strong "burnt" smell. In order to get rid from this problem the transmission fluid has to be replaced on schedule.