Thursday 14 February 2013

How to preserve your car’s clutch?

Clutch is an essential part of the engine, so its must to maintain your car’s clutch for high performance. Here is the guidelines that would give you an idea of how to maintain your car’s clutch

Cars have numerous clutches among which the transmission clutch is the most significant.

All Clutches in car are self adjusting so you need to apply silicon grease periodically and also lift the clutch pedal up an inch periodically.

Replace the hydraulics fluid in the clutch system, when changing the brake fluid.

It is necessary to check your clutch as they performing major works to run the car.

Replace the drive plates if they are black and obviously blast.

Check the clutch basket and inner clutch for scratches on the sides. If the clutches are severely scratched replace immediately.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Save money by realizing the value of standard Transmission flush

Transmission service is often very expensive. A regular transmission flush can save your money as well as keep your transmission running perfectly.

 A fault in Transmission mainly occurs due to contaminated transmission fluid. A regular transmission flush can clean this contamination and refill with a clean fluid.

Transmission fluid plays a major role in keeping your transmission working correctly. A regular transmission flush can keep your transmission fluid clean. Moreover it cost less as compared to replacing your transmission system.

If you have an automatic transmission, check the transmission fluid once in every month, if you have manual transmission then check the transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles.