Wednesday, 21 September 2011

BMW Vision Connected Drive

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is designed in such a way to
¤ Interact with the surroundings

¤ Satisfy the customer demands in a natural way

¤ Provide them with the driving experience they never had before.
Numerous sensors monitor the environment in front, behind and on both sides of the vehicle.

The entire front sensing system is integrated into the headlights, the "eyes" of the vehicle, scanning the space ahead. The same applies to the rear.

The functional areas of BMW ConnectedDrive are symbolised on three levels namely Comfort, Safety and Infotainment.

The sensing system for monitoring the space behind the vehicle, including cameras, is integrated into the taillights.

The Infotainment zone defines a communication level between the driver and the passenger.

The Passenger Information Display is mounted in the instrument panel in front of the passenger. When it is inactive, it is invisibly integrated into the instrument panel.

In another ten years, everyday life without the functionality featured in the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive today will be unimaginable.

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